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Faculty of Administration

Dean's Welcome Address

We are pleased to welcome you to the online platform of the Faculty of Administration of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. This Faculty is one of the oldest in the citadel of learning and has, therefore, successfully produced a good number of graduates and postgraduate levels. Most of the alumni of the Faculty are among the current and retired top administrative officials in the private and public sector, captains of government and non-governmental industries as well as exemplars who have made deep-rooted marks in their various areas of endeavours.

The Faculty hosts four important departments, namely Management & Accounting, Public Administration, International Relations and Local Government & Development Studies. In the current session, the Departments run prestigious degrees, namely, B.Sc. M.Sc. and Ph.D. Others are various professional master’s degrees namely Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of International Relations (MIR) and Master of Local Government & Development Studies (MLDS) as well as other postgraduate diploma and university Diploma in Local Government Studies.

The Departments utilise top and contemporary tools for teaching and research in the development at the grassroots, national and global best practices in management and accounting, public policy and administrative skills and international diplomacy. On behalf of the entire staff and students of the Faculty, we appreciate your visit to this platform. Our goal is to further push the frontiers of knowledge for the formulation of public/financial/diplomatic policy and administrative plans for Nigerian and African authorities that are competitive among global actors.

On behalf of the entire staff and students of the Faculty, we appreciate your visit to this platform. Thank you for coming and please remember that social distancing and other safety measures are the only tools against COVID-19 pandemic. Kindly stay safe.

Faculty History

The Faculty was created in 1976 from the former Institute of Administration, founded in 1963, as both a post-graduate school of Public Administration and a staff college to provide:

i. Courses of instruction at graduate level for the higher degrees and postgraduate diplomas;
ii. Special training courses for serving officers in government, industry and commerce; and
iii. Consultancy services for both government and business, as well as to conduct basic and applied research
The Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria is really an integral part of the University’s academic organization structure with responsibility for the development of subjects and courses within its purview and competence of its teaching staff.

The Faculty currently has four departments in which it award undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to include: Management and Accounting, Local Government and Development Studies, International Relations and Public Administration. To date, the Faculty has produced many graduates who are serving creditably in both private and public organizations all over the world.

Vision Statement
Faculty of Administration keys into the propelling vision of the University which is to be a top rated University in Africa that is the technological flagship of the West African sub-region, as evidenced by its application of modern technology to teaching research and community service, and its provision of practical solutions to social, cultural and economic problems.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote by research and other means the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems; and to create a conducive teaching and learning community for imparting skills, knowledge, behavior and attitude.

Past Deans of the Faculty of Administration





Prof. G. A. Ojo

1st Aug., 1976 – 31st  July, 1977


Prof. B. O. Oloruntimehin

1st Aug., 1977 – 31st  July, 1979


Prof. O. Adamolekun

1st Aug., 1979 – 31st  July, 1981


Prof. O. Aluko

1st Aug., 1981 – 31st  July, 1985


Prof. A. O. Sanda

1st Aug., 1985 – 31st  July, 1989


Prof. O. Aborisade

1st Aug., 1989 – 31st  July, 1996


Prof. O. Omopariola

1st Aug., 1996 – 31st  July, 2000


Prof. S. B. Ayo

1st Aug., 2000 – 31st  July, 2001


Prof. Olusola Ojo

1st Aug., 2001 – 31st  July, 2004


Prof. K. Soremekun

1st Aug., 2004 – 31st  July, 2006


Prof. Bamitale Omole

1st Aug., 2006 – 31st  July, 2008


Prof. M. L. Nassar

1st Aug., 2008 – 31st  Nov., 2008


Prof. W.  Alade-Fawole

1st Dec.., 2008 – 31st  July, 2010


Prof. E. J. Erero

1st Aug., 2010 – 31st  July, 2012


Prof. A. M. Awotokun

1st Aug., 2012 – 31st  July, 2014


Prof. T. O. Asaolu

1st Aug., 2014 – 31st  July, 2016


Prof. M. O. Okotoni

1st Aug., 2016 – 31st  July, 2018


Prof. M. L. Nassar

1st Aug., 2018 – 31st  July, 2019


Prof. A. A. Agboola

1st Aug., 2019 – Till Date


Dean's Profile


AGBOOLA Ayodeji Akinlolu completed a B.Sc. Programme in Political Science in 1984. He got a national Merit Award (Fellowship) for his general high academic performance in his first session in the University of Ife and enjoyed it throughout the programme. He completed his MBA in 1986; and a PGD (Computer Science) in 1990, M.Phil. (Business Administration) in 2001, and PhD (Business Administration) in 2006. He was awarded NUFFIC fellowship in 2003, which he utilized in The Hague, the Netherlands, for a short course in Globalization and Development. Prof. Agboola served as a visiting Lecturer in the University of Botswana between 2007 to 2009; and was the Head of Department of Management until he left the University in 2009.

He joined the services of Obafemi Awolowo University as an Assistant Lecturer on January 2, 1992 and rose to the rank of a Professor in October 2011. He is highly committed to scholarship and has to his credit two books and thirty eight articles published in reputable local and prestigious foreign journals. Prof Agboola has reviewed a study pack for the Chattered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and has done a lot of work on the evaluation of the adoption of Information and Communication Technology on the operations of banks in Nigeria.

Prof Agboola served as the Vice-Dean/Acting Dean in the Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U.), Ile-Ife from 2011 to 2013. He was the Head of Department of Management and Accounting and the Coordinator of Executive MBA, O.A.U., Ile-Ife between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2016. He was elected into the office of The Dean, Faculty of Administration on August 1, 2019.


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