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OAU Security Awareness Campaign

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The Campus Security Unit, wishes to advise members of the University Community and beyond to be security conscious at all times. The following security tips could be useful:

1. Avoid travelling late at night, or too early in the morning.
2. Avoid walking alone in an isolated area, or on a bush path.
3. Adopt surveillance awareness whilst driving: take note of at least two vehicles behind you.
4. Avoid indiscriminate parking of cars at unreasonable distances.
5. Park your car at designated car parks and ensure that it is properly locked.
6. Keep your car keys, security identity card (SIC) or University staff/visitors car tally in a safe place.
7. Do not allow unauthorized persons to have access to your car particulars.
8. Do not give your phone number/personal information to an unknown person(s).
9. Do not give your GSM phone to an unknown or unfamiliar person to make a call.
10. Only board commercial vehicles at designated motor parks when travelling.
11. Report vehicles abandoned by unknown person(s) in your vicinity to the security personnel on campus or to the nearest police post if outside the campus.
12. Security is a collective responsibility; report promptly to Security Unit, cases of suspicious persons, objects, vehicles, or gatherings within the University community.
13. Do not ask for a free car ride from unknown/unfamiliar persons.
14. Always let your whereabouts be known. Tell someone where you are going and when you are expected to return.

In the case of an emergency on Campus, call any of these Emergency lines 09034592436, 09070367707, 09070367711 for security assistance.
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