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SPECIAL RELEASE: “Computer Related Fraud Alert”

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This is to bring to the notice of all Students, an increase in the activities of On-Line and computer related fraudsters. These activities go by several tags including: “Computer Fraud”, “Business Fraud”, “Wire Fraud” or “Yahoo Yahoo”.

The Division of Student Affairs wishes to advise all OAU students to take special care while carrying out their online financial transactions and to shun all business activities that seems dubious or which you might not be comfortable discussing with family, friends and associates.

In particular, note the following:

1. Do not disclose your banking details to any one you do not know or trust.
2. Do not receive or send money on behalf of persons you are not familiar with.
3. Do not agree to help persons with suspicious sources of wealth “keep” money for short or long periods of time.
4. When you offer to keep stolen money on behalf of fraudsters you stand the risk of being convicted of being an accessory to a crime.
5. If you detect any strange transaction on your Bank Account, visit the nearest branch of your bank immediately and lodge a complaint.
6. Remember ignorance is not an excuse in a court of law.

We strongly advise our Students to desist from any act that will affect their future negatively.

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