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The Craig Obafemi Science Foundation Presents a Workshop: The Science Advantage

The Craig Obafemi Science Foundation Presents a Workshop: The Science Advantage

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The Craig Obafemi Science Foundation is designed to be a charitable foundation to advance the cause of humanity by encouraging the propagation of science in Nigeria. The purpose of this foundation, specifically, is to be a grant/scholarship awarding non-profit organization to assist qualified young Nigerians who aspire to pursue science-based disciplines at the advanced levels (Masters/Ph.D.) with tuition and research funds. The foundation is Prof Obafemi’s idea of a legacy worth preserving and leaving behind for the Department of Chemistry at Obafemi Awolowo University, as he is making plans for his retirement from active service to the University. He was a recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship award and it contributed immensely to the development of his career and empowered him to better train young scientists under his watch.

Thinking about giving something back to the system that has blessed him so richly, he strongly believes that setting up an endowment fund to be managed by a foundation named after him would be a good way to preserve his legacy of propagating the benefits of embracing science to the Nigerian youths. The foundation also has an outreach to secondary school students – the foundation has taken it upon itself to embark on a nationwide campaign, starting with the south-west region and particularly Osun State, to educate and sensitize the secondary school science students as well as their teachers on the advantages of studying science and pursuing a career associated with the basic science. And overall the mission is to help young science learners (including University freshmen and sophomores) aspire to impressive careers in the pure and basic sciences.

As a public charity, the foundation will welcome all lovers of science and cherish all positive contributions in any form, regardless of age, creed, tribe, religion or status.

The inauguration of the foundation holds on the 19th of December also at Oduduwa hall.

The workshop/quiz competition for secondary school students holds Saturday, 9th November 2019 at the Oduduwa Hall, O.A.U. by 10:00 am
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