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Institute of Cultural Studies Seminar Series

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The Institute of Cultural Studies' seminar and guest lecture series designed and organised to give scholars, artists and cultural activists the platform to present the results of their research on different aspects of the African culture held on 5th April, 2018 at the Institutes' Seminar Room on the University Campus.

The international guest lecturers were: Dr. Carlos Frederick B. Loureiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Ms. Veronica Correa da Costa (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Mr. Marcelo Paes de Carvalho (Incartaz Filmed, Brazil).

The title of their joint seminar presentation is “The State, Citizenship Rights and Religions: The Afro-Brazilian Experience”. The study explores the context of citizenship rights and religions in the Brazillian society; it brings to bear the narratives of slavery, colonialism, racism and the principles of inequality. Furthermore, it examines the role of the government and the society as a whole in preserving the history, religion and cultural traditions of the people. The discussion also brings to light the importance of the Yoruba religion, culture and tradition in Brazil.

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