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Call for Applications - Ife-Edinburgh Catalyst Workshop

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Ife-Edinburgh Catalyst Workshop

Call for Applications 

Theme: (Re)imagining ‘our’ ways of knowing: Decolonization and the Human Sciences

 June 8-10, 2021

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife


This workshop encourages invited participants to reimagine the social science and humanities curricular in three fundamental ways. First is to question the assumptions upon which knowledge has been created, reproduced and legitimized in the various disciplines, and to ask how (and why) this process may have excluded ‘the local’. This question about legitimation inevitably involves critiquing the role of power in knowledge production and engaging with the emerging subaltern practices of resistance in the global academy. Second, we intend to explore the various points of convergence between and among the disciplines in the social sciences and humanities and ask how the imagined intellectual borders might be converted into bridges through which ideas and people can flow. In this, we aim to deploy interdisciplinarity as a tool of resistance that helps to challenge dominant framings of knowledge which tend to exclude non-western ways of knowing. Finally, we intend to take a practical look at specific samples of courses/modules and attempt to redesign them in a way that speaks to local social realities, draws on a genuinely global epistemic tradition and decentres histories of the powerful.

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To nurture a teaching and learning community; advance frontiers of knowledge; engender a sense of selfless public service; and add value to African culture.

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