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OAU Election to Senate by Congregation

OAU Election to Senate by Congregation

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At the close of nominations for the above elections on Thursday, 20th September, 2018, at 3.00pm the following candidates were duly nominated:

(1) Dr. AMUJOYEGBE Bamidele Julius -Department of Crop Production and Protection
(2) Dr. ARAWOMO Omosola -Department of Economics
(3) Dr. FAJOBI Adeyemi Babafemi -Department of Civil Engineering
(4) Dr. ODUKOYA Samson Oludare Ayodeji - Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
(5) Dr. OKENIYI John Akintunde Oladotun -Faculty of Paediatrics and Child Health
(6) Mrs. OMOBA Florence Adeola -Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library
(7) Dr. TORIMIRO Nkem -Department of Microbiology

Elections will be held on
Thursday, 27th September, 2018 to SENATE at the following venues:

(1) Ile – Ife – Flour ‘O’ University Hall/Secretariat Building
(2) Ibadan – Lobby on the Ground Floor of Crescent Building (Administration Block), IAR&T, Moor
Plantation, Ibadan.

(i) Balloting in Ile – Ife will commence at 9.00a.m and close at 2.00pm.
(ii) Balloting in IAR&T Ibadan will commence at 10.00am and close at 1.00p.m.

If for any reason a member of Congregation who is entitled to vote at this election cannot do so personally, he or she can appoint another member of Congregation as proxy to attend and vote in his or her name. The proxy should conform to the provisions of the Regulation for OAU Ile-Ife Law, 1970 as amended. Such proxies must reach the Registrar or Director, Directorate of Corporate Services/Secretary, IAR&T, Ibadan, not later than 48 hours before the election date (i.e. not later than 3.30pm on Tuesday, 25th September, 2018.

Proxy forms, not obtained from and recorded with the Directorate of Corporate Services and Secretary, IAR&T, Ibadan will not be valid.
Proxy forms can only be used for voting at the Campus where they were obtained or at the Campus of the Staff who gave the proxy.

Any elector who has given out proxy and who later might physically vote should have withdrawn the proxy received from the Director, Directorate of Corporate Services or Secretary IAR&T, Ibadan, 48 hours before the election, that is 9.00a.m on Tuesday, 25th September, 2018.

The list of members of Congregation entitled to vote or be voted for will be made available at the voting centres on the Election Day. Any person claiming to be entitled to vote but whose name does not appear on the list may be allowed to vote only, if his/her Head of Department formally certifies his/her membership of the Department in conformity with appropriate regulation. Such formal evidence shall be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Each candidate is entitled to nominate a scrutiner. The name of the nominee should be notified in writing to the Director, Directorate of Corporate Services not later than 3.30pm on Wednesday, 26th September, 2018.

Dr. (Mrs.) E. O. Oyebisi
Ag. Director, Directorate of Corporate Services


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