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EDMIC 2021: Faculty of EDM Holds International Conference

Conference Theme: Confluence of Theory and Practice in the Built Environment- Beyond Theory into Practice
Date: 6th - 8th July, 2021
Venue: Bristol Business School, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, United Kingdom.

The conference is an hybrid to be held virtually and physically.

Click here to download the Conference Flyer

Preliminary Notice of Meeting of Congregation

This is to inform you that the meeting of Congregation has been scheduled as follows:
Date: Thursday, 15th July, 2021
Venue: Oduduwa Hall
Time: 4.00pm

1. Reading and adoption of the Minutes of Congregation meeting held on 10th October, 2019 and that of Special Congregation Meeting of Monday, 23rd December, 2019.
2. Consideration of the Report of the Committee on Health Status of Staff Members.
3. Consideration of the Comments of Standing Committee of Congregation
4. Election of Congregation Representatives on University Boards and Committees

Papers will be circulated at the floor of the meeting. However, please note that the minutes of the meeting of 10th October, 2019 and that of 23rd December, 2019 will be sent to staff e-mail account through the Obafemi Awolowo University all users mail.

Please attend and be punctual.

Special Release to all Students on Maintenance of Discipline in the Halls of Residence in OAU

It has come to the knowledge of the Division of Student Affairs of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) that some students of this University have been trying to misinform the generality of students of the University by inciting the students that “OAU Awo Hall Porters beat a student with pipes to point of injury”.  We wish to inform all students that the Division of Student Affairs of the University has investigated the matter and discovered that the information is untrue.


It is important for the Division of Student Affairs to inform all students that our investigation revealed that the student (Sumbade Saudiq) who wanted to forcefully gain entrance into Awolowo Hall of Residence without presenting his identity card when the Porter requested him to do so, abused, insulted and assaulted the Porter on duty.  The student who demonstrated an unruly behavior was subsequently taken to the Security QRS Unit of the University for interrogation.  Students are to note that recently, some people, who disguised as students have succeeded in stealing laptops and cell phones belonging to students in many Halls of Residence in the University.  Consequently, Hall Porters have been mandated to be much more vigilant in the discharge of their official responsibilities.


The Division of Student Affairs wishes to make it abundantly clear that the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of students in the Halls of Residence are sacrosanct.  All students are advised to comply with the rules and regulations because it is in their best interest to do so.  Students are also advised to note that the Porters in the various Halls of Residence are not only workers of the University who are charged with the responsibilities of ensuring their welfare, among which are ensuring security of lives and properties but also standing in loco-parentis to students.


In view of the above, all students are enjoined to disregard the misinformation and continue with their normal academic activities.


The Division of Student Affairs wishes all students the best of luck in their just concluded 2019/2020 Harmattan Semester examinations.


Call for Applications - Ife-Edinburgh Catalyst Workshop

Ife-Edinburgh Catalyst Workshop

Call for Applications 

Theme: (Re)imagining ‘our’ ways of knowing: Decolonization and the Human Sciences

 June 8-10, 2021

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife


This workshop encourages invited participants to reimagine the social science and humanities curricular in three fundamental ways. First is to question the assumptions upon which knowledge has been created, reproduced and legitimized in the various disciplines, and to ask how (and why) this process may have excluded ‘the local’. This question about legitimation inevitably involves critiquing the role of power in knowledge production and engaging with the emerging subaltern practices of resistance in the global academy. Second, we intend to explore the various points of convergence between and among the disciplines in the social sciences and humanities and ask how the imagined intellectual borders might be converted into bridges through which ideas and people can flow. In this, we aim to deploy interdisciplinarity as a tool of resistance that helps to challenge dominant framings of knowledge which tend to exclude non-western ways of knowing. Finally, we intend to take a practical look at specific samples of courses/modules and attempt to redesign them in a way that speaks to local social realities, draws on a genuinely global epistemic tradition and decentres histories of the powerful.

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