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Association of African Universities (AAU) and Open Educational Resources (OER) Webinars.

  1. The Association of African Universities (AAU)and Open Educational Resources (OER) Africa presented a series of four webinars on Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) strategies from 28 April to 8th May 2020. The links to the recorded versions and more are available here.

Webinar 1: Teaching effectively during the campus closure – Tips and tricks
Webinar 2: What to teach during campus closure
Webinar 3: How to know if learning is happening during campus closure
Webinar 4: Communicate effectively during campus closure

  1. Association of African Universities organized a webinar on "Effective Integration of Online Education in African Universities" as part of its contribution towards ensuring continuous teaching and learning in African HEIs. Listen to the recorded version here.

Video Link: Effective Integration of Online Education in African Universities

  1. Vice-Chancellors Dialogue: Keeping African Universities Learning Doors Open' and hosted on April 14, 2020. The recorded version is made available here.
  2. The Webinar "Effective Integration of Online Education in African Universities" is also available here.

Other useful websites include:

  1. Recommendations for achieving a virtual future – together
  2. COVID-19: What consequences for higher education?
  3. Task team to address COVID-19 response in higher education
  4. ACE for Impact Centers respond to COVID19
  5. AAU on COVID-19


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