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The Faculty of Technology at Ife was the first Faculty of Engineering to be christened as a Faculty of Technology in Nigeria. The foundation Departments were: Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Food Science and Technology
Of the five Faculties that were established in July 1962 by the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), only two were science-based. They were the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture. It is pertinent to note that eight Faculties were approved by the Provisional Council in July 1961. Faculties of Engineering and Medicine were two of the three that were left to be established. EDM was the third.

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The Faculty is in the forefront with respect to the provision of qualitative engineering education and production of high caliber graduates.  Furthermore, the Faculty is a pillar of engineering and technology resource and competence within Nigeria and all over the world.  The staff and students in the eight academic Departments and one research unit are well mixed and poised for greater feats than hitherto achieved.