Mission, Vision, & Objectives


To nurture a teaching and learning community; advance frontiers of knowledge; engender a sense of selfless public service; and add value to African culture.


A top-rated university in Africa.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To produce graduate of international standard, with appropriate knowledge and skills in their field of study, who will be highly employable and able to employ themselves.
  2. To provide high quality research and development activities that will promote the development of the Nation and enhance the image of the University and the researchers.
  3. To harness modern technology especially ICT and modern social, economic and financial strategies to run a cost of efficient and effective academic programme and institutional management.
  4. To provide services that has relevance to and impact on the local community and the Nation.
  5. To provide conditions of study, work and living in the University Community that is of appropriate standard.
  6. To expand access to tertiary education in the face of unmet demand.
  7. To operate as an equal opportunity educational institution, sensitive to the principle of gender equity and non-discriminatory on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion or physical disability