The Central office of Research Calls for Institutional Grant Response Concept Notes: 2024


The Central office of Research Calls for Institutional Grant Response Concept Notes: 2024

Dear Esteemed OAU Faculty, Researchers and Research Team members,

The Central Office of Research is excited to announce an opportunity for you to submit concept notes for prestigious research grants under Erasmus, Horizon, and NIHR programs. These grants provide a platform for OAU researchers to engage in cutting-edge projects, foster international collaborations, and contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in various fields.

Grant call details
Concept Note Deadlines: May 28th 2024
Grant programs
• Eramus:
• Horizon:
• Others: Application for institutional grants of $5million and above are welcome
• Ensure the grant you are applying for is not due for submission before September 2024. All Erasmus grants are due for a second round of call in September 2024.

Concept note requirements
Ensure that your concept note includes the following key elements:

  1. Research focus: Clearly define the scope and focus of your proposed research project and how it addresses the call for proposal you are responding to.
  2. Objectives: Outline the specific objectives you aim to achieve through the research
  3. Innovation: Highlight the innovative aspects of your project and its potential contribution to the field
  4. Collaboration: highlight details on the Emphasize opportunities for collaboration, both within OAU and with external partners
  5. Collaborators: give details of the international collaborators on the project and provide evidence of letters stating their commitment to the project
  6. Budget Outline: Provide a preliminary budget indicating how funds will be allocated.

Submission process
• Concept notes should not be more than 1,500 words. Concept notes more then 1,500 words will not be considered eligible for review.
• Ensure that your concept note aligns with the specific focus areas of each grant program.
• Cross-check the eligibility criteria for each grant and confirm that your proposed project meets the requirements.
• Submit your concept note to: Mr Adejuwon (08033509463) of the Central Office of Research
• For any inquiries or assistance, please contact:

Next steps
• The concept notes shall be reviewed by the Senior Career Researchers Committee
• Feedback shall be provided for all concept notes.
• The team for the top 5-6 concept notes shall be invited for a 5-day retreat to develop the full concept notes for the grant call.